Moon Child

At night, there’s a difference in the air. The warm embrace is calling. The feeling of “being alive” is finally upon us. And when you’re born with it, you know. There’s no fighting it. You lay awake, tossing and turning, trying to rationalize the thought. But, in a weak moment you give in. You find yourself searching for it. Running, fearlessly until you can see it. It doesn’t cross your mind where you’ll end up, but in the end you’ll make it. With every breath freezing before your face as you stop to take it in; the warmth of home heals what was broken. No one ever quite understands why we make this journey of when the soul calls. Though, effortlessly we make it. You see, the moon, whether you believe it or not, has healing powers. And as much as you would argue, though I’d agree, that it is in our minds this “healing power”. Though, I’ll leave it at this: for those who have been left, the moon is always there. For those who don’t get to say a word in day, the moon will listen. For those who feel lost, the moon finds them. For those who are unsure, the moon steadies them. And if you’re wondering, the moon only calls us when it’s strong enough to mend the mind.