The Difference

There’s a big difference from the array of people who come into your life. There’s a set few, or sometimes just one, that are different though. These people are the ones that show you something. Not necessarily a new hiking trail, or a new clothing store; they show you something different. They show you something bigger. This is the person that shows you your worth. This is the person that shows you how to appreciate yourself from the inside out. They do not feed you compliments and sugar coat the reality of life. This person is probably the realest person you have and will ever meet. They twist your world upside down and let you set it back strait alone, while still knowing they’re beside you. They flood your mind with different ways to view the world and leave you to come up with the solution. This person will make you feel so naked in the world but will wrap you in the feeling of knowing that you’re the only and right one who can figure out the answers. They make you feel important and as if you are needed. And thats when you see it. That’s when you see your worth. And that’s when someone truly impacts your life. This person; you will no longer view the same. This is what people mean when they say ‘you feel like you owe your life to someone.” Because you realized that you were never living before them. It’s not one of those silly scenarios where you fall in love and “you can’t live without someone”, no. This is where you know, no matter where you two end up in life, you’ll always have a true friend.

Recognize who that person is for you and do not take them for granted. And just remember : there’s someone out there that needs a person like that, just like you did.