When you’re not enough

There’s a time in life, if not many, where we feel as though we are not enough. We feel this way because other’s make us feel this way. The thoughts that others conceive of us begin to sway our own thinking. We could be so proud of how hard we have worked or how far we have come for someone new to come in and change that. Why is that? It’s simple. WE are not showing them why we are good enough. The feeling of not being good enough essentially comes from our own decisions, that got swayed by the other person. The saying that ‘you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else’ is true and it goes the same way with liking yourself. If you don’t have enough care and respect for yourself why should or would the person beside you? Is this starting to make sense now?

So what do we do when we feel as though we are not enough? Well, we evaluate. We figure out what about us is “not good enough”. I can almost guarantee if you are taking strides to be better and make a difference YOU think that you are good enough. So STOP FEELING THAT WAY. I know that other’s opinions are important in a sense but not if they’re not accurate. Start showing these people what you are made of and how you are good enough. Keep yourself in the right, and you’ll never be in the wrong. You’re the only approval that you need. The rest will fall into place, or fall off. So go show them.


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